Sunday, September 18, 2005

Date: 19-9-2005 Lantern

Yesterday morning I And My Aunty going To The Singapore Expo To See Other World Things

And After Seeing Everything Finish We Go To The Changi Airport To See Airoplane And Go An

Eat Food, After Finish We go and see Airoplane Landing And Departure After We Finish,We

Walk Back To The Terminal 2 And We Take MRT To Go Home And After We Reach Lot 1, My

Aunty Call Home And Asked My GrandMother Want To Eat What And My GrandMother Said

No Want And Asked To Buy Flowers To Pray To The Moon And Nightimes, GrandMother

Pray To The Moon AndAll My Uncle aunty,And My Cousin And After That, I And My Cousin

Play Candle And Lantern.


Blogger Dark Magician said...

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4:44 AM

Blogger Dark Magician said...

you are a good boy

9:18 PM

Blogger Dark Magician said...

Hey you,can you write this blog
properly.This blog is like a children story.Please write a good one.

2:31 AM

Blogger Dark Magician said...

I am going to say goodbye to you
because your blog is like full of
sauce overloaded already.Bye

5:40 PM


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